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Thursday, March 28, 2013
I get asked alot of the time how we are able to so quickly place ourselves (or our business) in a position where we attract what we need right to us, seemingly with little effort. Are we magicians? Hardly...

Here's a little secret folks - first of all we do put in the effort. In fact we probably put in more effort. However - second of all - we do so in a completely different direction. Instead of focusing on what we need, we focus on what our community needs in any relative aspect - and become a solution to that problem.

A general rule of thumb to become successful as an entrepreneur (or really in any business - but especially as a tech entrepreneur) is the old addage "Give and ye shall receive". I stand by this with a strong conviction, and just find it rather amazing how few people even understand the concept (much less attempt it).

Building a startup is not an easy task. You need to build a following, a passion in your team and an eagerness to work with your team by the top talent in a very competitive landscape. How does one stand apart? My secret to building some of the hardest rockstar tech teams over the last 15 years has been quite simple: "give and ye shall receive". Find out what your tech community's problems are - find a few which you have the ability to help solve - and you have placed yourself and thereby your company in a position where you are offering everyone else something rather than asking of them.

From such a position of giving, rather than asking for - what you search for ends up coming straight to you.

There seems to be a magic behind this as it just happens time and again when least expected, but its also quite logical.

So next time when you need to find new hires, resources, customers, or something for your projects or businesses - ask yourself (and your community) "what problems do we have?" - and place yourself as a solution. What you seek shall be yours in no time and you'll have made a step towards a better place for you and your organization.

Having said that I am off in half-an-hour to volunteer again and help run another university accelerator program in Shanghai!

I look forward to the massive un-solicited and un-asked for contacts, resources, and benefits I will receive simply by going there to be part of a solution - giving back to the community - and building value for others and thus myself.

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