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Sunday, August 26, 2012
Apple has finally let the cat out of the bag.

The carnivorous giant has finally showed its teeth with seething aggression.
This day we should rejoice. For it is the beginning of the end of this Edisonian vulcher.

With it's market share shrinking and long term prospectus without Steve at the helm diminishing its cult status (that it worked so hard for so many years to brainwash followers into!) - its only prerogative left is to show its true colors and lunge bloodthirstily at all it's counterparts who under it's thumb have slipped free to create humanity's real innovations and progress.

As my grand father always said: progress its inevitable, those who resist it are not only doomed to failure but are the bane of humanity. For humanity strives towards progress. It is our nature and what makes us great.

So long Apple. your treacherous ways are revealed for all to see. You've set your own doomsday clock in motion.
The only pity left for your carcass will be that you werent fortunate enough to be raised by someone as noble as my grandfather.
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